How does the WWTA fix a defective sewer lateral?
The WWTA will fix your lateral in 4 phases:
- Phase 1: The plumber assigned to work on your property will check for, and install if necessary, the cleanout closest to your home or building.
- Phase 2: From this cleanout, the Evaluation Contractor will video and test your service lateral.
- Phase 3: Based on the video and testing results, the WWTA will assign work to the plumber that checked the cleanout in Phase 1.
- Phase 4: The Evaluation Contractor will return to your property to test the work performed by the plumber. Note: All repairs to and / or replacements of service laterals will be performed under the direction of a Licensed Master Plumber that has passed a qualification process required by the WWTA. In addition, the plumber will guarantee his/her work for 5 years.

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