East Ridge

The City of East Ridge is located in the southeast corner of Tennessee on the Georgia border. With a location off of Interstate 75, the city is one that sees literally thousands of travelers making their way north and south through the United States.

The 2000 census indicated that East Ridge has 20,640 residents residing in the community. Taking its name from being located just east of the historic Missionary Ridge, the city is home to several elementary schools, private schools and a middle and high school.

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Upcoming Construction

The Sewer System Evaluation Survey (SSES) program will be implemented in Area 10 (located near I-75 and Ringgold Road) September 28, 2015 to investigate the existing sewer lines. The purpose of the SSES is to perform an Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) study to locate and reduce storm water entering the sanitary sewer system and perform capacity management for expansion. After extensive review of the sewer system, a rehabilitation plan will be developed, identifying necessary sewer repairs and replacements. 

Under the SESS program, various techniques will be performed to detect defects, blockages and capacity problems. These techniques include, smoke testing, Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) evaluations, line cleaning, dye testing, manhole evaluations, and flow monitoring. The SESS program will help ensure the WWTA's compliancy with regulations ordinances, consent decrees and/or mandates established by the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

The Service Lateral Program (SLP) is currently underway in East Ridge with right-of-way repairs being performed on service laterals.