What is the condition of my sewer lateral?
Most service laterals are not one continuous pipe and may be installed with a variety of pipe materials and methods. Over time, these pipes and their connections deteriorate allowing groundwater and roots to enter the sewer system. These defects are usually not obvious as the pipes are rarely visible from the ground and most go unnoticed by most property owners until a full blockage is experienced.

The true condition of the service lateral can only be determined by an internal closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection of the pipe where the defects can be seen. Older and more established parts of our community tend to have more problems with sewer laterals as these areas were constructed with older pipe materials and standards that do not meet the ones in place today. Modern pipe materials construction practices have improved over the years, however newer laterals can still break, shift, collapse or become inundated with roots and allows I&I into the sanitary sewer system and exfiltration into the environment.

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