Will the WWTA enter my property without my knowledge to conduct testing?
The WWTA wants to work with homeowners' and will seek homeowner’s permission before doing work on private property.
- A portion of the service lateral will be located on private property. An Easement Document will be sent to all property owners requesting the signatures of all parties. The Easement Document must be notarized, and the WWTA office has Notaries on staff.
- By signing the Easement the WWTA will be authorized to have accessibility to the property in order to install the required clean-outs, inspect and evaluate the service lateral, and perform any necessary rehabilitation to or replacement of the service lateral.
- The Easement Document does not give the WWTA or the WWTA’s Contractor authorization to enter the residence or business without additional permission granted by tenant or owner.
- By signing the Easement Document the property owner is not surrendering ownership of real estate. The WWTA will own the service lateral pipe to address issues related to I&I. Issues that are not related to I&I remain the responsibility of the property owner.Consent and Agreement Form (PDF).

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