The Hamilton County Water & Wastewater Treatment Authority (WWTA) strives and promotes economic development by promoting and extending the WWTA’s wastewater sanitary sewer system and capacity assurance in the existing sewer system. The WWTA staff is committed to protect the environment and the public by enforcing the regulations, rules and procedures for the quality of water discharged into the wastewater collection system and treatment works and the quality of construction specifications and standards of extensions to the sewer. The WWTA staff is responsible for responding to the public, property owners, architects, developers and contractors. The WWTA staff reviews sewer plans, issues permits, performs sewer system evaluations, sewer inspections, flow monitoring, capacity assurance and will assist with any questions or concerns related to the WWTA service area.

All applicable forms, applications, procedures and documents are now available online.
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WWTA Details & Specifications

  1. Capacity Reservation Request Form
  2. Design  
  3. Pre-Construction Packet
  4. Service Line Inspections
  5. Grinder Pumps
  6. Step System
  1. Prequalified Engineering Firms
  2. Prequalified Surveying Firms
  3. Raising Manhole Covers
  4. Easements
  5. FOG