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To Our Valued Customers: 

We are writing to make you aware of changes coming to your sewer bill.  As you may know, we are in negotiations with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enter into a Consent Decree (CD) that will provide a legal settlement leading to a work plan to address excessive sanitary sewer overflows (SSO) in Hamilton County. 

Like all of the other metropolitan areas across the state of Tennessee who currently have CDs with the EPA, we are working hard to keep the impact as low as possible to our customers.  We have been working with the EPA for over five years to develop a CD that will put us, and more importantly keep us, in compliance with the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.  

Other wastewater utilities who have entered into a CD with the EPA have experienced an accelerated work plan to pay for the rehabilitation of sewer lines. There are many projects the WWTA will be required to complete within the first ten years of the CD. The WWTA has several of these projects already in progress.   We anticipate that Hamilton County’s CD will last between 15-20 years.

As of this time, the increase to our customers will be 12%. However, the WWTA Board of Commissioners is working hard to look at any options that may provide relief to our customers.  

Over the coming months, you will be hearing about the projects we will be undertaking to provide a safe and healthy sanitary sewer system for Hamilton County. We appreciate your understanding as the work begins. We will post regular updates on our social media page as well as through traditional media platforms. We want you to know why these investments are being made, where they are being made, and how they will serve customers both now and in the future. 

Thank you for your understanding of the difficult challenges we are facing.  Working together, we will have a safe and healthy sewer system to serve our community.


The WWTA Board of Commissioners